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We will carry out the maintenance and inspection of all fire protection equipment for you.
This work is carried out by us in accordance with the current applicable regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations.

The advantages to you
Our fixed maintenance fees include all the inspection equipment and documents for the inspection.
If you have signed a maintenance contract with us, we will look after the observance of the maintenance periods.
You no longer have to bother about dates for the observance of maintenance periods.
We will coordinate on request the appointments with other firms and authorities that are involved in our inspections.
Regular maintenance is specified in the relevant guidelines for fire protection equipment. We offer you our maintenance service in accordance with the following guidelines:

DIN VDE 0833, 14675, VdS
From this one may conclude that maintenance or inspection of the alarm system is required every three months.
BGR 134
For CO2 extinguishing equipment we refer you to BGR 134 which specifies an annual inspection by an expert.
DIN 14406
Here the inspection of fire extinguisher equipment every two years is stipulated.
DIN 14461 and DIN 14818
According to these standards, the inspection of wall and over-corridor hydrants is required once a year.
DIN 18232
According to this DIN, the inspection of smoke and heat extraction equipment is required once a year.
DiBt (German Building Technology Institute) guidelines
In these guidelines, an inspection of the fixed installation once a year is specified.
We also make the maintenances in accordance with all relevant NFPA Regulation's

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