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We will plan for you the best fire protection concept. The cheapest is not always the best so our motto is:
Always the best fire protection concept for the customer
Many of our competitors sell you systems without drawing your attention to the high subsequent costs.
With the subsequent costs you should always consider the following:
  • Can I expand my fire protection system at any time and are the various components compatible with each other?
  • How high are the maintenance and upgrade costs? Do I have to deal with a separate supplier for each system?
  • Or is a specialist employee sent by my upgrade firm for every system, thus incurring unnecessary costs?
  • What can I do myself to save costs?
Hence our firm’s philosophy:
Offer the customers the fire protection concept which is best suited to their requirements.
We’ll look for the best manufacturer for each system and for your requirements. In this way you will get a complete and clear offer. When you give us your order we undertake all coordination and implementation of the relevant project. We also check the extent to which the individual components work in harmony with each other.
In the area of maintenance and upgrade we offer you fixed-price deals that cover all costs. Irrespective of the extent of use of our staff or how far your premises are from our headquarters.
Many aspects can be checked by the operator of the installation himself/herself. And it is often no problem to carry out small repairs yourself, especially when there is a fault. So we offer our customers the service of familiarising themselves with each part of the installation.
That simplifies our work in tracing faults and saves customers a lot of expense.

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